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The Menopause Power Plan


This program is tailored for women embracing the transformative journey of menopause. It combines expert

insights, strategic advice, and a dynamic 12-week strength

training regimen to rejuvenate body and mind.


Menopause is more than the end of menstruation; it's a

profound change impacting your overall health. Our mission

is to inspire this natural life stage, dispel myths, and offer

empowering strategies to enhance well-being.


We focus on nutrition, emphasizing Mediterranean and

high-fiber foods that nourish your body. We also include

essential supplements to support bone health and overall

vitality and Self-Care Habits promoting long-term wellness.


At the heart of our program is a comprehensive strength

training plan designed to maintain muscle and support

metabolism, crucial during and after menopause.

Little Miss Menopause Power Plan

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